Monday, 3 September 2007

fuck APEC

The sun sign on the harbour bridge was lit up in the AFTERNOON today, whilst APEC is supposed to be discussing global warming and climate change.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

MH is contemplating scent.

facebook is taking over my mind. Every thought/feeling/similar, goes through in my mind as a status edit. e.g. on the train this afternoon, I smelt a familiar smell. Of somebody. It made me turn my head quickly to make sure an ex wasn't on my carriage.
"MH IS...contemplating the scent of a mans cologne. Ex? Or is it the scent of someone left on my pillow?"


The man driving my bus the other day wore a tophat. He also had black fingernails and long hair. Which is fine. except he would take off the tophat while driving, but make sure he would put it on at each bus stop when he was taking coins from riders (of said bus).
I was slightly enchanted, mostly creeped.