Monday, 29 June 2009

Gits and effort

A quote from my former editor:
"The word 'darling' is great to soften a blow. I use it all the time to seem sweet when I'm saying something horrible."

Sure the word's great and I use it all the time too but never to intentionally sound like a pretentious git.

She also used to constantly tell me to use simpler sentences in my writing. My mind works in an around-about way, usually settling on the most convoluted way of stating things. But then, I've never thoroughly enjoyed something that's been easy to comprehend. Why discourage a reader to make any effort? I'd like to be worth some effort, someday.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


It seems every "cool" chick on the planet, whether she be a musician, actor, artist...or amazing psycho combination...started out as a tom-boy. Every interview I've read in magazines or on random blogs and even through introductory spiels on myspace and face-book, the cool chicks claim to have grown up playing soliders with the boys, rolling in mud, climbing trees and scraping their knees. 
Is this so the so called girl in question at the time of stating they used to be a tom boy projects an "I don't care if you throw me in mud or I get dirty, and I only take 5 minutes to get ready" carefree appeal? 
What's wrong with being the chick that grew up playing barbies or baking with her grandmother? So what if a girl only wore dresses with satin bows every weekend and took every care not to get them grubby? 
Bring back the little girl.