Saturday, 31 January 2009

Kate Meets Tate

First of all the Borough markets...

So THATS how they grow!

Bridget Jones' House. How do you rotate these photos?!

Endless trays of turkish delight. For mum:

My un-educatedly favourite pieces from the Tate modern:

Candy? Actually soap:
Turn head to left side: It's shoes going down a staircase. Pretty photos:

Hanging gold utensils. The amount of work that must have gone into this was incredible. And. It looks pretty. Also reminiscent of a particular abfab episode:

It's a bit cliche, but I could sit in front of Monet's waterlilies for a whole day just to look at the colours. And I plan to. Maybe on Wednesday:

A barn!:
This was a video piece which involved women playing around in paint for art. 6o's and joyful looking. I love "influential celebration of flesh as erotic right". The name was an added bonus:

First of all - apologies to those artists that haven't been attributed. I couldn't take photos sneakily enough. If I am breaking any copy-write laws, gently let me know.

Forgive me for the following favourites, the detail is probably only interesting to myself. But I've put it here anyway. 

Susan Hiller, psi girls (5 screen video projection) - "cultural association between female adolescence and altered states of consciousness." A connection being made between female adolescence and magic of some type appeals to me. The video also featured Neve Campbell. I like Neve.

Victer Grippo, tables of work and reflection:

Something to do with the cultural role that tables take on. I think tables are important. A nice desk. It's all I want.

Sophie Calle - The Hotel. This french writer/artist/installation artist/etc worked as a chambermaid in a hotel, took photos and stole a pair of shoes. There are pictures of the rooms with daily commentary as to how the room was left. There was one room in Venice in which the resident had written on scrap paper "cemetery - fantastic". I have to agree - A and I visited the cemetery in Paris and it was my favourite day of the trip.

Jenny Holzer, Inflammatory essays;
The whole wall was covered in colourful paper with short sentences of wisdom written upon them. Inspiring. The Tate says: 
"The Inflammatory Essays present a range of provocative statements which were inspired by the texts of political theorists, religious fanatics and impassioned 'folk' literature. Since childhood, Holzer has been interested in 'rapturous writing' and wanted to write 'ecstatic, fantastic things."

And if you feel like a treasure hunt;
Andre Ketesz, Rooftops.
Koo Jeong A (glossy photos of ivy coloured houses)
Bill Brandt, Brighton

My not so favourites. Disturbing images ahead:

On Viennese Actionism, the Tate says:
"The Vienna Actionists were influenced by international developments in painting in the 1950s and by artists such as Jackson Pollock. Taking painting as their starting point, they extended their gestural, material and often violent outpourings beyond the canvas and into a range of highly provocative performances or bodily actions."

On Viennese Actionism, Kate says:
Images of mutilation and castration next to the red paint splattered canvas  was surprisingly extraordinarily disturbing. 

My least favourite at the Tate, but which has stayed in my mind nevertheless:
There was a film, involving a man which put 2 girls 1 cup to shame. Kermit would not be pleased (youtube kermit 2 girls. Do NOT youtube 2 girls 1 cup. DO NOT!  I mean it mum). 

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Week 1,2 and half of 3. A summary

In depth experience of emotions have held me hostage from writing anything substantial. Blog posts, worthwhile emails, letters, postcards, job applications, etc.
It's even taken over my ability to take photos. Apologies to those awaiting stories.
Said in depth experience of emotions:
Week 1: The arrival. Love. Nerves. Also involved typical sightseeing.
Week 2: Further arrival, to flat of dirty three. Initial love of filth. Followed closely by despair of filth. Involved tears, fear, disorientation, cuddles. Also happiness: discovery of nearby antique markets, vintage stores, Portobello road, delicatessens, underground cabaret and studio for rent.
Week 3: Mophead's typical problem solving mission. Rental applications, discovery that said studio is above flower shop and has crimson door, bathtub and surrounding people being capable of using a bin.

Details? Ok
Jack and Joe bring home girls. Bedroom situation now involves sharing bed a'la Marilyn Munroe. Minus the ritzy apartment.
Joe got rimmed by said girl. Nothing's sacred on blogs. Not sure of what her name was. It's on the wall somewhere. 
Drunken nights out with Londoners - e.g. Graham. Included steak, wine, clove cigarettes, loud laughter.
Drunken nights in - with myself. One night, with a bottle of absenthe. Was good. Another night with cheap wine. Not so good. Involved countless messages to poppit, tantrum throwing and clothes left outside in rain.
Drunken nights kind of out/in - At spotted dick, cafe of A. Get fed and drunk by A's boss. Included his 40th birthday - involved cake, quiche, pussy galore, karaoke, innit and vomit.

Endless episodes of curb your enthusiasm.

More details? Got the flu. Put on weight. Joined library. Explored nearby village. Watched lots of old movies.


Mophead aka. Jezebel.

Baby Otto

is welcomed to the world

Being his parent's son, he lives in a beautiful world of dreams: as of day 1 he snored, and according to nan, dreamt.
What could he be dreaming of?
That blonde haired cherub staring over his face - Daly
A warm soggy room close to this mother's heartbeat
Warm arms