Thursday, 25 October 2007

An excerpt from my day. Obviously went a little mental after a whole day of unpacking boxes in a warehouse. unpack my box, i say.

To H:
"and here i am eating carbonara out of the saucepan. i had a spare serving left, i was going to message cute boys and say "come lick my bowl" but then i stood over the stove and ate the rest while drinking red wine and talking to C on the phone.
Youll be the cutest person with braces ever. ask about getting them on the back if ur stressed. Ill buy u cute accessories for them. like bands with daisies on them or some shit.
If u cant eat - try sucking on some chocolate. I was going to say "my dick",,, but then ur friends...and mine who stalk me, will think im a freak. or a transvestite. They are not the same. obvs. x"