Thursday, 29 January 2009

Week 1,2 and half of 3. A summary

In depth experience of emotions have held me hostage from writing anything substantial. Blog posts, worthwhile emails, letters, postcards, job applications, etc.
It's even taken over my ability to take photos. Apologies to those awaiting stories.
Said in depth experience of emotions:
Week 1: The arrival. Love. Nerves. Also involved typical sightseeing.
Week 2: Further arrival, to flat of dirty three. Initial love of filth. Followed closely by despair of filth. Involved tears, fear, disorientation, cuddles. Also happiness: discovery of nearby antique markets, vintage stores, Portobello road, delicatessens, underground cabaret and studio for rent.
Week 3: Mophead's typical problem solving mission. Rental applications, discovery that said studio is above flower shop and has crimson door, bathtub and surrounding people being capable of using a bin.

Details? Ok
Jack and Joe bring home girls. Bedroom situation now involves sharing bed a'la Marilyn Munroe. Minus the ritzy apartment.
Joe got rimmed by said girl. Nothing's sacred on blogs. Not sure of what her name was. It's on the wall somewhere. 
Drunken nights out with Londoners - e.g. Graham. Included steak, wine, clove cigarettes, loud laughter.
Drunken nights in - with myself. One night, with a bottle of absenthe. Was good. Another night with cheap wine. Not so good. Involved countless messages to poppit, tantrum throwing and clothes left outside in rain.
Drunken nights kind of out/in - At spotted dick, cafe of A. Get fed and drunk by A's boss. Included his 40th birthday - involved cake, quiche, pussy galore, karaoke, innit and vomit.

Endless episodes of curb your enthusiasm.

More details? Got the flu. Put on weight. Joined library. Explored nearby village. Watched lots of old movies.


Mophead aka. Jezebel.